Translation Empire are a full-service language service provider (LSP). We only work with qualified and highly professional translators to offer our clients a wide range of services including

Document Translation

Translation Empire are providers of document translation of the most rigorous standard. We have an expansive network of qualified, experienced translators located throughout the UK and worldwide. Each one of our translators have specific specialist subject knowledge, which enables them to apply their linguistic knowledge to your field. This ensures that you receive a translation of the highest quality, every time. Our translation teams and project managers are second to none in their ability to beat tight deadlines, keep a keen eye for accuracy and adhere to the strictest of professional translation guidelines. We only select fully qualified translators who only translate into their mother tongue. 

Software Localization

Translation Empire takes pride in its capability to flawlessly localize a website or software. Our team of dedicated translators and editors make sure that the context of the source material is smoothly transitioned to the target language. The cultural norms are also taken into consideration while localizing a website. Our goal in localization is to deliver a product that does not feel like it has been translated. The key to achieving that goal is our team of translators who are well versed in the social and cultural norms as well as having ample knowledge of the language they are native to.

Video game localization

Video games are a major part of the entertainment industry that is on the rise in recent years. The singular most important factor in this field is the immersion of the user. Translation Empire offers services to completely localize a game in all cultural and social aspects, which helps to create and maintain a level of immersion that is desired by game companies and players alike. Our vision is to retain the game’s tone, style and user experience and to remove any language or cultural barriers that might affect the enjoyment of the game, which is achieved through the collaboration of gaming experts and experienced local translators.

Technical manual Translation

With the advent and rise of various courier agencies and shipping companies, it has become the norm for many firms to export their products to foreign lands thereby engaging a wider market. This phenomenon creates a need for translation and localization of the user-end manuals for various products. Translation Empires offers quality services in this regard. We have a network of qualified linguists covering 300 languages, which can translate and localize the product manuals efficiently while retaining the original meaning and methodologies as described by the product owners.

Software & Gaming Translation

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Our network of over 2700 professional linguists cover over 300 languages and can translate in any subject matter including

Medical Translation

Literary Translation

Legal Translation

Technical Translation

Commercial Translation

Scientific Translation

Financial Translation

General Translation


At Translation Empire we pride ourselves on being able to accurately and professionally translate into over 300 language combinations, including:

  • Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern African Languages from and into English
  • Central and Latin American Languages from and into English
  • North, East, South and Western Asian Languages from and into English
  • Eastern and Western Europe Languages from and into English
  • Middle Eastern Languages from and into English
    For any other language requests, please enquire because we network with many other companies around the world and we’re sure we’d be able to find a solution to your translation needs.

At Translation Empire we focus on translation, should you need an Interpreter however please refer to our very accomplished sister company Language Empire Translators focus on the written word whereas Interpreters attend appointments, meetings etc. and help with oral communication. It could be that you need both, a Translator to translate an appointment letter and an Interpreter present at the appointment to aid with communication, should this be the case, we are happy to organise this for you.

Here at Translation Empire, we are proud of our fast turnaround times. We constantly liaise with Translators and know how much work he/she has and how quickly they would be able to complete a translation. We advise of realistic timeframes depending on word count but for a document submitted in the morning with less than a 1000 words, it would take less than a day. For documents with a high Word Count and a short timeframe, we can divide between several translators to ensure the translation will be completed and proofread within the tight deadline.

Yes. We frequently receive requests to translate passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, visa documentation and baptism records. We have official stamps which contain all of our information such as registration no. and member of ATC logo which all embassies, Foreign Offices and the Home Office happily accept.

We translate for a wide variety of industries (legal, medical, financial, manufacturing etc.) public organisations (schools, universities, local councils, the NHS, dentists etc.) and private clients (solicitors, retail companies, charities, individuals etc.) please see Industry Sectors for more details however, the relevant question really is… “Who do we not translate for?” and the answer is nobody! We have a wide network of Translators who all have different specialist knowledge so we are confident that we can attend to any translation request.

If your company has a contract with us, simply quote a cost code, alternatively if you haven’t had any translations with us before, after agreeing a quote, we will provide our bank details to you and you can simply send a bank transfer.

We are constantly striving to maintain our excellent standards and improve on our already existing relationships with clients i.e. through feedback forms.

We have a network of over 2700 experienced, qualified linguists who are native speakers, experts in their subject areas, rigorously tested and trained, selected and evaluated prior to their registrations with us.

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Software User interface (UI)

Software User Manuals

Website and Web Pages

Procedure Manuals

Software Specifications

Resource Files

Mobile Applications

General Translation

Software Localization

Translation Empire help customers to localize and translate their software and IT content quickly and efficiently.


The software and IT industries are growing rapidly across the world. Systems used by global companies rely heavily on their software and IT infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.


With global advancement, many companies who develop software are looking for a translation solution for their product or service that can help them to “bridge the communication gap” and connect with their audiences across the world in ANY language that is required.


Translation Empire’s high-quality, professional, and cost-effective software localization services will help you launch your software in multiple languages and across new markets to increase your sales and revenues globally.

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