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Software User interface (UI)

Software User Manuals

Website and Web Pages

Procedure Manuals

Software Specifications

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Mobile Applications

General Translation

Software Localization

Translation Empire help customers to localize and translate their software and IT content quickly and efficiently.

The software and IT industries are growing rapidly across the world. Systems used by global companies rely heavily on their software and IT infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.

With global advancement, many companies who develop software are looking for a translation solution for their product or service that can help them to “bridge the communication gap” and connect with their audiences across the world in ANY language that is required.

Translation Empire’s high-quality, professional, and cost-effective software localization services will help you launch your software in multiple languages and across new markets to increase your sales and revenues globally.

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Handpicked For Excellence

Translation Empire has a thorough vetting process which ensures that only the most qualified, experienced and professional translators make it onto our books.

Consistent Translations

Where appropriate, all translations placed with Translation Empire are completed using specialist translation memory software. This creates a memory bank which is then applied to ensure consistency throughout the translation project. For translations that are regular or ongoing, Translation Empire aims to use the same translator for every job. This ensures that style and consistency are maintained across all translations.

Discounts For Volume & repetition

Translation Empire uses translation memory software to analyse your text so that you pay less for any regularly repeated segments of text. Discounts based on the volume of text are available for translation services carried out of 25,000 words or more.

Specialist Translators

All translators working on your project are always specialists in the subject matter of the job. Often our translators will have worked in the subject area before becoming a translator. For example, a biochemist may have retrained to become a translator of biomedical texts into their native language.

Video game localization

The computer, video and online gaming industry is one of the fasting growing areas in international business.

From Angry Birds through to Minecraft, we all have a favorite game to pass the time.

As the number of global gamers increases – the number of languages spoken by the gaming community will also grow rapidly.

Translation Empire will help your company launch your latest gaming title to the world in any language you require.

We will work with you to ensure every aspect of your game’s launch is localized and translated to the highest quality. This includes physical and digital marketing materials to ensure your global audience understands your branding message immediately.

The translators we use for your gaming projects have prior experience of gaming localization and will ensure your games are translated perfectly for each global market you target.

Online Games

Game Websites

Mobile Games

Console & PC Games

Gaming Software

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

Promotional & Marketing Materials

Gaming Brochures

Customized social media strategy

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More of our services

Technical manual Translation

With the advent and rise of various courier agencies and shipping companies, it has become the norm for many firms to export their products to foreign lands thereby engaging a wider market

Software Localization

Translation Empire takes pride in its capability to flawlessly localize a website or software.

Video Game Localization

Video games are a major part of the entertainment industry that is on the rise in recent years.

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